James L. Grant was born in the 1970s, in Oklahoma, during a tornado, to a Japanese father and American mother. Two weeks later, his parents realized they were living in Oklahoma, and moved back to California, where he spent the vast majority of his youth in a tiny town called Big Bear. He sometimes spent the summer at his uncle's ranch in Apple Valley, where he learned to shoot, rope and ride horseback, and that cows are terrible creatures.

A lifelong doodler from the age of 3, Grant began selling his comics in the early 1990s, to zines and small presses. He also sold several short stories to magazines. In a time before the internet, this really didn't amount to much.

In 1995, he shunned the desert wastelands of California for the lush, green hills of Fort Worth. A girl was involved. They didn't last, but his love of DFW did, and remains to this day.

Once the webbernets happened, Grant became one of the first wave of web cartoonists, listed on Bigpanda and everything, when the internet was still a new and wild thing. FLEM! Comics became an overnight hit, but made him virtually no money for the first 5 years of his online cartooning experience. FLEM! is now offline forever, at the artist's discretion.

In 2003, he met Mel Hynes, quit doing comics, and sold his first novel. During this time period he also sold a slew of short stories to such venues as Gothic.net, Bloodlust UK, and various other magazines that no longer exist, since the magazine universe is a fickle and tumultuous bitch.

After a brief hiatus from comics, Grant and Hynes began the (now fairly famous) webcomic Two Lumps, which endures to this day.

In the past 20 years, Grant has sold countless short fiction, a handful of novels, and enjoyed his life in Dallas, Texas. He currently resides there with Hynes, his wife since 2006, and multiple whiny cats. He enjoys firearms, good music, good food, hunting, fishing, camping, and other horrible hobbies. He and his wife have attended many comics conventions as guests and exhibitors, including Aggiecon, Project A-Kon, Animefest, Emerald City, and Comic Con San Diego.

If you've heard a horrible story about Grant, it's got a 50% likelihood of being true. But he'll just confirm all the rumors no matter how bad they are.

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