Sometimes, Grant dabbles in music. He's been in 5 live bands, and started with drums. Drums are still his first love, and his favorite instrument - mostly because he can use them to make music by beating the ever-loving crap out of an inanimate object.

But playing drums, by themselves, is not making music. Grant realized this as he practiced on his Slingerland set at home, a much abused and beaten, third-hand kit. So as music was in his blood, he bought a $10 used, thoroughly wrecked bass guitar off his singer/guitarist in his first band, and restored it. Then he learned to play the horrible thing.

Once he'd figured out the scales, harmonic relationships, and notes of the 12 frets of a bass, it was only a simple step to go to guitar. Namely, just adding two more strings. So that became a thing in his life.

From there, it was a simple leap of deduction to pick up keyboard/piano. 12 notes to an octave, 12 frets to an octave, a 7th chord on keys is basically a guitar power chord, etc. Although not nearly as skilled on keyboards, Grant can sit at a piano and hammer out a tune or two.

Weirdly, this also translated to Celtic Harp, an instrument Grant loves to play, but cannot really afford to buy.

Over the years, Grant has played as a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and vocalist in bands. This came to an end, when his final live band, The Closet Dwellers (in Fort Worth) disbanded in 1997. Still, he continues to write and play music to this day. Much of this can be attributed to the advent of music software that does things he never imagined in his earlier years. Although he mostly played in punk and metal bands in his youth, Grant's favorite genres are industrial, and blues/jazz.

Here are some of his horrible works.




THE POWER (cover)
LUCRETIA MY REFLECTION (cover) - With Justin Dack on Guitar
COME BACK TO MY ROOM - With Justin Dack on Guitar

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